Redeem Your Digii E-Voucher

Congratulations on receiving your Digii E-Voucher!

Welcome to DigiiStore. Redemption is easy, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Browse through our vouchers and choose which e-voucher you’d like. From TV, music games, through to clothing, electronics, mobile credit and more, we’re confident you’ll find something that’s right for you
  2. Add your chosen voucher to the cart
  3. Review your cart and take the code found on your Digii e-voucher or brand e-voucher and enter it into the ‘Coupon Code’ box. Click apply coupon
  4. Ta Dah! The amount from your card or voucher will be taken off the total price
  5. Checkout as normal and receive your e-voucher through your email to spend as you please in whichever branded store you’d like
  6. Thank whoever it was that sent you this wonderful Digii E-Voucher!

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